Expression Through Art

1) He is tormented. The strangers do not bother to concern themselves with him. Everything seems distant, far-off. The pale white hues of his skin make sharp contrast with his colorless dark clothing. Far off, nearing the horizon, two ships make their way across a river of some sort; the unnamed man on the bridge seems not to notice what goes on behind him. The two others on the bridge, now mere shadows as they draw farther and farther away, are of but minimal importance. The bridge seems long and forbidding, no end is pictured. Even in the outdoors this man's mournful cry will still echo.

2) This girl is deep in thought, almost completely unaware of the world around her. What she is pondering we cannot know, but her revealing eyes tell us that she is oblivious to her surroundings. She appears a simple, though pretty, young woman. The background behind her lies almost nonexistent and mostly unimportant. One arm rests on what appears to be a desk. She, however, is the important subject; her hair is dark and her eyes soulful. We cannot tell exactly what is going through her mind, though she seems to be at peace. Her hair and face have detail and depth, while the rest lacks those qualities.

3) This carved idol, presumably of a god or spirit believed to exist, is simple in what it depicts yet maintains an aura of mysteriousness. The figure appears to grin, and most of its body is carved in simple shapes. It resembles a human body but something about it seems metaphysical. Perhaps the figure is of a shaman, instead. We are not told. The feathered mass atop the head suggests some sort of importance, or perhaps reverence. The figure seems mystical, as if it were aware of something, but that cannot be. After all, it is but wood.