The Bell System Center
for Technical Education



The Bell System Center trains Bell System managers in various business, marketing and technical subjects. 


The Bell System Center was organized in 1968 as a cooperative venture to meet the technical training needs of Bell System managers.

Academic Programs & Courses

Many different programs are available to students. The cooperative training program is both economical and effective, especially for highly specialized courses and those that require expensive equipment. The Center has various equipment, including a microwave tower and ESS (electronic switching system) machines, available for student training.

Other program options include a full seminar and a correspondence (Continuing Education) program for middle managers. Prepackaged course materials for instruction at other Bell System locations are also available.

The curricula include management-level courses and seminars in engineering, forecasting, network operations, operator services, division of revenues, business services, technical planning and depreciation. Some classes are also available for marketing and commercial managers.

Faculty & Staff

The Center has 238 faculty members, including course developers, instructors and a support staff of approximately 200. Most staff members have come to the Center on long-term assignments from Operating Companies. Staff members are carefully selected based on two main factors: expertise in their field, and ability to develop or instruct a course.


About 19,000 students are trained annually.


The main campus is located on Route 53 in Lisle, Illinois. The Center also operates subsidiary sites, including Bell System Extension and “satellite” facilities.