COMM 291
Fact Sheet

IIT Communications Program
Awarded Funding for Re-Entry Project for Women


-       The U.S. Department of Education has awarded a $70,000 grant to the Illinois Institute of Technologyís Technical and Professional Communications Program.

-       The grant was given under provisions of the Womenís Educational Equity Act.

Purpose of Grant

-       The funding will provide stipends to unemployed or underemployed female college graduates.

-       The financial aid is intended to help such women complete IITís Certificate Program in the Technical and Professional Communications Program.


The amount given will be based on two factors:

-       demonstrated interest in a related career field; and

-       the applicantís academic record.


Certification Program

The entire Certification Program comprises 17 semester hours and can be completed within one academic year plus a summer semester. Students enroll in classes emphasizing a wide range of skills, including:

-       business, proposal and technical writing and editing;

-       documentation;

-       computer science;

-       graphic design;

-       visual and oral presentation; and

-       intercultural communication.

The Certification Programís final phase places the student in an internship with a local business, government agency, foundation or research organization.

Career Training
Certification Program graduates will be prepared for careers in a variety of fields, such as software, electronics, health care, aerospace and publishing.

Contact Information

Students interested in a career in communications should phone or write Program Director Susan Feinberg via the contact information below. 

Dr. Susan G. Feinberg
Department of Humanities
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois, 60616
(312) 567-3465