February 23, 2004

    Blustery, drifting snow, icy roads and sluggish traffic have been characteristic of Henderson weather lately, and the National Weather Service says the weather could get worse before it begins to improve.

    Henderson is on the northern edge of a winter storm that is advancing southward. NWS forecaster Francis Burns reported, “This one (the storm) on Sunday has the potential to move farther north. We’ll be more specific as time goes on.”

    Some areas in eastern Kentucky could pick up 6 inches of snow.

    Henderson will not get that much, however. According to Burns, Sunday’s forecast is a 60 percent chance of snowfall, which could cause as much as 3 more inches of accumulation.

    Snowfall, which will likely total between 1 and 3 inches, is Burns’ forecast for today.

    The extended forecast includes the possibility of light snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, although Burns conceded that it’s still too early to be positive.

- End -