COMM 291
Children's Booklet - MRI's

"The MRI Scan" Rhyme

[Our class was assigned to write a series of rhymes for a children's booklet, which would explain [in very simple terms] hospital scans, such as CAT scans, MRI scans and X-rays. Below are the ones I actually used.]

If you have an injury, the doctor might suggest an MRI.
Itíll take a while but it wonít hurt, itís easy as pie.

The machine looks like a big box with a hole, where a scanner is inside.
Youíll lie down and be moved to the opening, the nurse will be your guide.

Getting an MRI is like going inside a camera, but the pictures that it takes
Are of your insides, to show where thereís problems or mistakes.

MRIís not like PET & CAT scans, which use X-rays to get the problem solved
And another difference: MRI doesnít make it sound like animals are involved!

Tell your parents not to bring a computer; it will have to be replaced.
The MRI has a giant magnet and the information will get erased!

Just do what youíre told, the doctor will remind you to lie very still.
Then the only problem will be the doctorís bill!

Alternate Lines

CAT scans are usually faster than MRIs, but both can take some time.
Do something to make it go faster, take a nap or make up a rhyme.

CAT scans and MRIs are similar since both draw an image or a graph,
But MRIs are a lot slower; they may take an hour and a half!

MRIs can scan anything, from brains to spines to bones;
Itís so expensive your parents might take out loans!