"There's an Elephant in the Living Room"

I used to be one of the sound-board engineers at Church of the Resurrection (now called Resurrection Anglican Church), where my father has been the head pastor for some 17 years. Many years ago, two other sound-board engineers, Matt and Chris, decided to surprise Dad with a clever, bizarre remix of some of his most amusing sermon soundbytes. It was played over the downstairs intercom (during the post-service "coffee hour"). Four versions of the remix were made. Each version features the idiom "there's an elephant in the living room," a phrase Dad had used repeatedly (and with different inflections) in a particular sermon.

Version 1, the shortest of the "Elephant" remixes, is 35 seconds.
Version 2, at just over 3:45, is a bit different from the others.
Version 3, at about 4:20, uses more distortion of the vocal audio.
Version 4, the last of the "Elephant" cuts, pulls out all the stops. Runs 3:10.