Images, Scans, Photographs, Et Cetera
(see "We Couldn't Think of a Better Title")

Artwork I've Done

Drawing of a duck-shaped pencil holder belonging to the teacher; also part of the above-mentioned drawing.

Drawing of a toy dog I did, which was part of a larger drawing of shelves in a toy store. (A metal dog that rolls on wheels.)

"House of Color" (actually one of a few titles I used), a favorite of mine.

"Infinite Grid" is a drawing of a green, grid-like plane that only ends where it converges with the white sun in the horizon.

"Mind's Eye" is a drawing done in colored pencil (believe it or not). The image has a few different meanings.

More face sketches I did from different perspectives, including a face, skull and a rather surreal-looking face.

Sketches of some ears, which for once I didn't completely mutilate.

Sketch of a face (with a slightly distorted forehead) I did ... and one of the few decent-looking drawings of a person I've ever done.

Random Amusing Stuff

AOL News headlines. Gee, the second one sure is newsworthy, especially compared to the first!

Revenge of the Terribly Important AOL News Headline"!

From the "How Cold Was It Really" Department...

"It's Going to Be a Nuclear Winter" Department. [see "Wind Chill"]

Jefferson and Roosevelt just can't get along...

Sign at an alignment shop. Maybe they ought to start with that sign.

This billboard sign featuring a man's face became quite amusing when the man taking down the poster appeared to have something to do with the man's expression.

This comic is a very funny take on the world of mathematics.

How many legs does this elephant have?

A shirt tag. Wouldn't it be simpler to just say "50 percent polyester"?

This woman is understandably surprised at the present she just received.

Two road signs having an argument. Keep right. No, keep left. Never mind... just keep on the road.

Someday in the future... Windows for real windows.

George in Pictures

George at graduation from Wheaton North High School, receiving the diploma. (June, 2000)

George with some friends (from a Dale Carnegie course), after a performance of Moliere's "Tartuffe" at Wheaton North.

Frank Peretti and George when I got to meet him at a bookstore around 1995. I also did a short interview with him to bring to class. Haven't been able to find said interview, though.

George with five girls (at a theme restaurant). Match this, Brian.

It's the Joker! Or is it?

George and Lucy Ricardo? Or should I say Suzanne LaRusch, a super Lucy impersonator from the "I Love Lucy" convention. Telling "Lucy" it was my birthday (which it was) obviously turned out for the best!

George and Lucy Ricardo, Take Two: Improvisation was key when the show suddenly turned into "Lucy Loves George." I would have liked to done a full episode, though.

George and ... Mimi?! Where's Drew Carey when you need him?

This is a picture of a rare opportunity I once got -- feeding a tiger cub. Quite a set of lungs. (Not me...the tiger!)

Scanned Objects

Autographed program from a Siegfried & Roy show we went to years ago.

Dad's Photo ID from when a company he founded, Koch Systems. He doesn't look anything like this today, however.

Mom's Photo ID. This one is Mom's... who looks good enough, but like Dad's badge, the suit screams 1980s. And the people who lay eyes upon those styles scream too!

"Giant Door" is a poster from a play that was done at College of DuPage a couple years ago.

Daffy Duck pewter figurine, with him as a proper English gentleman.

Promo tape/launch reel from Game Show Network's "Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck." This is a scan of the tape box.

Stained-glass piece of a dove, very pretty.

3-D, Digitally Enhanced and Special-Effects Images

Blue face.

Purple sunset. Digitally colored.

Castle in the sky.

Circuit board. Digitally enhanced.

Formless swirl of colors.

Red lightning. Lightning can appear in many different colors, including red. This one is digitally enhanced.

Glowing cone.

Triangular prism (of sorts) reflecting light from different angles.

Sphere-like object against a three-dimensional plane.

Machine cogs. Digitally re-colored.

"Nightmare", from a promotional poster from a play.

Chains in a body of water.

Spinning wheel. Animated -- don't get dizzy.

Photographs I've Taken

A boat named Ego-Syntonic. May be owned by a psychology teacher I once had...

A cacti patch. Not shown: Wile E. Coyote.

Huge cathedral in England, one of many.

A strange-looking ceramic hand ...

The same ceramic hand, but with a dark purple tint ... and Version 3

Big clock tower in London ...

An (almost) dizzying basket.

Digitally enhanced leaves from a particularly bright autumn... Leaf 1; Leaf 2; Leaf 3; Leaf 4; Leaf 5.

One of those green globes that people put in their gardens.

Peacock from Brookfield Zoo, just wandering around. The show-offs.

Peacock feather up-close.

Pond and grass, as seen through a blue filter.

Just some colorful ribbon near the sunlight.

A ship (or maybe a barge) on a river in England. Someone has named it PLA Driftwood.

Somewhere in a neighborhood. The blur gives the scene a dreamlike quality.

A strange old machine...

Sun seen through some trees. Interesting "eight-pointed star" effect from the light.

What the heck is THIS thing? It's part of THIS!

Two birds at the Brookfield Zoo. I'm reminded of geometry classes. See for yourself!

Two yellow birds from another zoo.

Photographs I've Taken -- Outdoors / Flowers / Etc

Photo number one. Bright yellow flower. I didn't tint the background; it came out that way!

Photo number two. Two white flowers and some leaves.

Photo number three. A single pink flower.

Photo number four. Another bright yellow flower; another strangely colored background.

Photo number five. An unknown flower (well, I don't know what it is, anyway).

Photo number six. A bell-shaped flower.

Photo number seven. Some strikingly blue flowers.

Photographs -- People

Brian Collins, the best picture we have of him. Taken a little after we went to lunch one afternoon.

Brian, myself and Grandma at Maggiano's when I was given a surprise 21st birthday party. I've been wanting to do this to Brian for years -- should've done it when I had the chance, and Grandma didn't look too opposed to the idea either.

A picture I took of Dorothy Byrne, a regular performer at Lyric Opera; I met her at a luncheon and made a vignette of her.

George and Helen Peters together, on his birthday. See descriptions below.

While they look innocent and friendly, the George Association is actually plotting world domination.

George Peters, a man from church. All-around nice guy... and former NASA scientist!

Grandpa and Mom, enjoying themselves at the Christmas party a little too much. Note the clearly visible Miller Lite bottle. Not shown: Brian Collins getting tipsy across the hall.

Helen Peters, wife of George Peters. Equally easy to get along with.

Josh Stamoolis (aka Orgon from Tartuffe) between scenes.

Kevin, a friend from Wheaton North High School, taking St. Patrick's Day quite seriously.

Mom and Dad on Christmas morning, sometime in the mid-'80s.

Two Tartuffe cast members, Ryan and a girl whose name I don't know offhand.

Sue Levin, a terrific, top-notch woman who headed a Dale Carnegie public speaking course.

Sue Levin again, giving one of her spirited speeches. Sue was practically famous for these talks.

Who is this woman? I know we know her from California... once Mom and Dad tell me who it is, I'll change the description.

Two girls from the cast of Tartuffe. Jessica is on the right, and I don't remember the other girl's name...

Rare & Unique Automobiles

This car was made to look like a shoe, or perhaps a roller skate. There was an old lady who lived in a shoe --- and apparently drove it, as well.

Here is a Volkswagen that someone has modified to resemble a pig. This is how "this little piggy" goes to market in the 21st century. Think I'm kidding? Look at the driver.

A rather unique vehicle in the shape of a can of beer. I'm sure there's a bumper sticker which reads "Homer Simpson, Eat Your Heart Out" on it somewhere.

This monstrosity does double duty as both house and car. It doesn't look safe as either one of these things.

This car is a 1929 Model A Station Wagon, here for historical interest. Not many of these around any more...

A Ford Model T fire truck, though I'm not sure of the year.

A Triumph TR-3 from somewhere between 1957 and 1959. The TR-3 was the first car Mom ever owned, which is why I put it here.

Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Bizarre design that looks like those "geometric cutouts" trace rulers -- with an oil slick spilled on it.

Blue circuit board pattern.

Blue stained-glass background.

Bright green malachite pattern.

Green circuit board pattern.

Psychedelic spiral effect, in red, black and orange.

Swirl-like design of purple, green and white.

Three-dimensional grid set against a black background.