Jay B Sauceda
: Jay and I became friends when we were in college. He is a professional photographer. I am consistently amazed by his work. I've seen works by a number of pro photographers, but few have this degree of talent. What I particularly like about Jay's work is the originality and creativity. It is really dynamic!

George B Koch
: Dad's Web site. Has a lot of stuff content, including his doctoral dissertation, and MP3s of hundreds of his sermons.

Resurrection Anglican Church: The church where Dad is the head pastor. There's some info on what the church does (and does not) believe, general info about the church and church services, links to other good pages, and more.

Victoria Koch: Mom's Web site. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but more stuff will show up in time. Currently available content includes floral arrangements Mom made when studying ornamental horticulture at College of DuPage.

Schools / Colleges
Benedictine University: The four-year institution I graduated from. It is a small Catholic university that has both undergraduate and graduate programs. The courses can be quite challenging, but there's nothing wrong with that. It is a great college, and the professors are second to none.

College of DuPage: I think everyone has days when they wouldn't mind hearing that their school vanished without a trace, but COD is a quite-good two-year college. Some of the best instructors I've met teach there, and it's inexpensive. There's a lot to see on the site, including some faculty members' individual homepages.

Wheaton North High School: Maybe I'm just putting this on here for nostalgic reasons, but it was a memorable experience while I went there. Well, sometimes it was.

Random and Miscellaneous

Words and Language

Dialectizer: Pick a dialect, then type in text or a Web site address. The Dialectizer will "translate" the writing/site into any of these dialects: redneck, jive, cockney, Swedish chef, Elmer Fudd, moron, Pig Latin or hacker.

Lost in Translation: Like the page asks, what happens when an English phrase is translated (by computer) back and forth between five different languages? Enter any word or phrase, and it translates it into French, back to English, to German, back to English, to Italian, back to English, to Portuguese, back to English, to Spanish, and back to English one more time. After this many translations, watch how quickly even a simple phrase becomes a nonsense jumble of words.

Word Play: Archived version of a page with dozens of links to word-related pages. Among the features: an anagram generator, obscure words, etymology, customized dictionaries, meanings and origins of popular sayings, metaphor pages, "oddities" of the English language and more. I have also been made aware of a similar page with still more links to pages about words and wordplay.