Short Biographies

George August Koch

Is a Communication Arts major at Benedictine University!
Is a member of Phi Theta Kappa!
Is the guy in the picture on the front page!
Has over two thousand comic books!
Has met Luciano Pavarotti!

George Byron Koch

Is head pastor of a church in West Chicago!
Wrote a mathematical formula for prime numbers!
Received an undergraduate degree in physics in 1964!
Used to have a chemistry lab more extensive than the local college's!
Was executive vice-president for Oracle Systems!
Once cause a mushroom cloud to form above his parents' house while he was in high school!

Victoria Lynn Koch

Once got to shake hands with President Kennedy!
Is an avid gardener and floral arranger!
Worked as a hairdresser for over 30 years!
Got to meet many Hollywood stars while working as a hairdresser!

Isaiah James Koch

Had epilepsy for over a year before the neurologists at University of Chicago got it under control!
Graduated Wheaton North High School in June 2003!
Was born during a thunderstorm -- in a California hospital!


Is a dog!
Is the second dog we've had named Fred!
Will not look at you when you try to take his picture!
Is a cross between a Sheltie and King Charles Spaniel!
Is convinced he's human --- and acts accordingly!

Brian Collins

Was the school mascot at Wheaton North High School!
Has the same birthday as that of former MTV VJ Kennedy!
Is earning a BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) at Northern Illinois University!
Will be getting engaged next year!
Loves intelligent conversation -- and hopes to someday be a part of one!

George O. and Patricia Koch [Grandparents on Dad's Side]

Will have been married for 64 years next May!
Age very well!
Like to hide eucalyptus mints around the house when they visit!
Have three grown children -- George, Bob and Nancy!

Edythe Cole (Grandma on Mom's Side)

Also ages very well!
Was married for nearly 50 years!
Has four grown children -- Vicki, Bob, Jim and Judith!