One of George Sr.'s friends, a well-known artist named Gerrit Greve, was visiting the Kochs at their home one afternoon. George Sr. told Gerrit about George's fascination with, and love of, opera and Pavarotti. Gerrit mentioned that he actually knew Pavarotti because he (Gerrit) was currently designing the posters for some of the tenor's upcoming operas, at San Francisco Opera House and elsewhere.

George Sr. asked Gerrit if he would be willing to forward a letter to Pavarotti, telling of his unique fan and requesting a photo that George could look at while he listened to and watched operas on tape. Gerrit agreed, and a letter was sent. Pavarotti, who was living in Modena, Italy, replied directly to George Sr., sending a hand-typed letter (in a hand-addressed envelope), and included a signed photo of himself. The letter read:

"Dear Mr. Koch,
thank you very much for your interesting [letter]. I was surprised in discovering that there is a baby like yours. For this reason, I am very happy to send you a photo of mine so he can think of me when he listens to music in his video-tapes. Hoping to see little George soon at a theater, a big kiss to him and greetings to you and your wife,
Luciano Pavarotti"